Opal changes the paradigm

Instead of medicine for disease, Opal practices medicine for health. Ultimately, prevention will be the only medicine.

A wellness caring company

Opal is a caring company, founded by a doctor to help you access information about your body so you can drive your own wellness. Opal starts with the most universal of all medicine, nutrition.

our mission

To provide access to actionable scientifically supported nutrition-based personalized medicine and guidance to help you take charge of your health.

our founder

Dr. Laura Kelly

I founded Opal after writing a book for (and with) my mother to address her chronic health issues. The basic form of medicine for the human body – nutrition – is available to everyone, without a prescription, and properly used this powerful medicine can manage and even reverse a majority of chronic conditions. But we must learn how to use it, specific to each of us.

Opal is here to help you test yourself and use the information you gain, as well as help you organize your self-health care plan. Up until now we have had to guess what supplements or nutrition might work for us. Opal changes the guessing game into a powerful tool for disease management and longevity.