Opal Hormone for Hormone Health

Opal Hormone allows you to understand your hormone health and risk. Whether it is for prevention or potential HRT use, our genetic and pathway tests show you what you need to know to make the right choices for long-term health.

Know Your Estrogen Detoxification

Everyone processes hormones differently, and there are safer pathways and less safe pathways. See how you are processing estrogen and if you need to follow recommended protocols to improve your estrogen detoxification for safety.


Some of us carry genetic risks for reproductive cancers, and some of us carry extra blood clotting risk. Find out how you are built for these and apply that knowledge to create a safe and healthy plan for prevention or for healthy aging.


Even for those at risk there are still safe ways to supplement for hormone health. Find your path forward from the recommendations created from your test results whether for prevention or for managing risk.

Ready to take a step towards safer hormone use?

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