Doctors need Opal

Nutritional science and genetics are evolving rapidly. Patients are increasingly turning to functional medicine to address root causes of disease, driving the need for medical education and research.

Opal Doctor's Portal will allow physicians to access their patient's evaluations and history, and monitor their continuing health and progress.

Patient Monitoring

Doctors can prioritize patients, monitor their dates and dosages of nutritional supplements, re-test, and keep time based snapshots until the patient's nutritional goals are reached.

Knowledge Sharing

Opal's Doctors Portal is referenced with research links on nutrition and the relevant genetics and updated regularly.

Medical Use of Opal

Every mechanism in the body is based on nutritional cofactors and the corresponding genetics.

The goal of Opal is to help you and your patients regulate these foundational mechanisms. Also in the longer term to continue to explore how these mechanisms are affected by nutritional factors - to increase our collective knowledge, and to treat our patients to the best of our ability, for long-term health.