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Imagine a Precision Nutritional approach to Primary Care - learn the basics of what your body needs to in order to work optimally, as well as how the most important mechanisms of your body are functioning and if they need attention. Opal's Primary Care recommends core tests to get you going on your road to health.


Genetics are our basic code. Genes can have small variations that make us who we are. Knowing this information about how your body is wired is important, and this is what genetic tests look at.

But this alone is not enough information to tell you what your body needs, because there is another layer of information that is actually even more important, epigenetics.


Epigenetics, meaning “on top of genetics”, is the response of our genes to our lifestyle choices. This means that sometimes genes are functioning and sometimes they are not.

We can now look at the epigenetic effects on our genes through looking at patterns called "methylation" patterns. These tests are available through Opal and give us a window into how our lifestyle choices have affected our DNA. The work you do in Opal can improve these patterns, shifting them towards better health and maybe even longer life.

Nutrition -

Your body doesn't come with an instruction manual.

Finding out what nutrients you need and how well you process them is the first and only step to laying the foundation for long-term good health.

Everything your body does or builds requires good nutrition.

Opal evaluates your foundational nutritional health, so you can understand your body and make the right nutritional choices.


You cannot build good muscle unless you have every amino acid.

You will not absorb enough calcium for strong bones unless you have enough vitamin D. The calcium may not go to your bones unless you have enough vitamin K2.

Dr. Laura’s experience
“I have always had low levels of vitamin D. After years of trying to supplement, I tested my vitamin D genetics and found I have very low genetic function for vitamin D. This told me that I needed to significantly raise my dose. I did so, and I finally have decent vitamin D levels, which lowers my risk of all-cause mortality.”

Opal evaluations

Opal reads your nutrient levels, genetics and biomarkers for longevity to give you a powerful look at what you need to create a solid nutritional foundation for optimal health and long life. We test vitamins, crucial minerals, amino acids, omega 3, Hba1c, probiotic need, digestive enzyme function, and longevity markers. Many of these markers are used to help measure your immune function, which you can also test within myOpal.

Opal correlates your unique genetics to give a much clearer picture of your individual nutritional needs.

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