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Self-care is personal.

Preventing or reversing chronic conditions needs a plan. Opal harnesses science and nutritional research to show you what your body needs no matter where you are in your quest for good health.

Self-care made simple

Preventing or reversing chronic health problems is a big concern these days. MyOpal is a platform designed to help you navigate self-care. MyOpal guides you with curated lab testing to do at home, fully personalized natural medicine and nutrient recommendations, and protocols to help address chronic health issues and wellness.

Sign up, order tests, and start taking control of your health - naturally.

Intelligent Retail

Once your results are in, myOpal gives you the most complete clinical evaluation available, with curated products - with dosages specifically for you - linked to trusted retailers.

Stop guessing about supplements and nutrition. Let’s get healthy, naturally.

What you'll learn and get

Self-treatment You don’t need a medical degree to treat yourself. You just need to understand who you are and exactly what your nutritional needs are.


Based on clincal data and no guesswork, Opal digs into your nutrient needs and your genetics to show you what you need, how much, and why you need it.


Why is proper nutrition so important? Opal helps teach you why nutrients are required for good (or optimal!) health.


Based on you only, exactly what you need and nothing that you don't, listed from high to low need.


Opal's Shopping List provides you with a shopping cart based on your personal test results. Print out your own list or use Opal's cart to purchase high quality supplements or food online from trusted retailers.


Learn about your body’s deficiencies, self-treat and track improvements. Your personal health record can be easily shared with Opal registered practitioners or family members, and your personal shopping lists can be managed to discover what works for your individual needs.

How it works

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Order tests

Taking all recommended tests in a module will give you the best results. If you already have some current results, you can upload them.


Take the tests

All tests are at-home, unless indicated and ordered by your doctor through Opal.



Results will be sent to Opal. We will correlate your lab results into an easy-to-read report and provide your own fully personalized nutrition recommendations in a shopping list.



Get only the right nutrition and supplements, track your progress and re-test as needed - and feel better!

About us

All results are personally reviewed by our Founder, Dr. Laura Kelly

Opal is a Benefit Corporation founded to help fill the gap between what the current medical paradigm provides and the what the body needs to be healthy, whether keeping in good health or recovering from chronic problems. Based on observation in my own medical practice I designed Opal to meet the needs of all people who wish to understand their bodies and how to treat them, with Medical Nutrition they can practice themselves, daily.

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R.G. • Opal User

“I met Laura in June of 2016 in hopes of finding an alternative route to deal with my osteoporosis. What I found was more than a capable medical provider, I found a caring, smart, compassionate, astute, knowledgeable, AND capable medical provider! Her wisdom has guided my treatment and helped me reach not only my goal of dealing with the osteoporosis, but my goal of overall excellent health and vibrancy. I would recommend Laura to family and friends unreservedly — which I have!!”


I.R. • Opal User

“Dr. Kelly has been wonderful for our son. She has treated him with kindness and incredible patience. Her methods, including herbal medicine, have greatly helped with his difficult eating issues and we have noticed a great improvement in him as a result of her treatments. Our entire family looks forward to our appointments with Dr. Kelly, as she is not only wonderful with our son but also extremely helpful and supportive to the family in terms of learning how to help him at home.”


M.H. • Opal User

“My experience receiving guidance and treatment from Laura is so personal, it’s hard to put into words the tremendous impact it has had on me. Laura did not propose to fix my problems, or even directly answer my existential questions; she had the innate ability to see who I really am, and guide me in a way that was extraordinarily relevant and meaningful for me personally. Because of her tactfulness and care-of-soul, I was able to create new questions, draw out my own answers, and recognize my own path towards healing. To me, there is no greater strength of professional care than cultivating, collaborating, and awakening the will to heal from within the patient. Thank you Laura.”