Opal’s success in Bone Health

User A

User is a mid-60’s female, diagnosed with Osteoporosis (also undergoing chemo for cancer). Used nutrition-only, no pharmaceuticals, and exercise.

Spine T-scores went from -2.9 to -2.4, an 18% improvement, reversing her out of the osteoporosis diagnosis.

User B

User is mid 60’s female, a rocket scientist diagnosed with osteoporosis with no other diagnoses

User had 1 dose of zalendronic acid intervention, which carries a documented potential 4% improvement. 1 year of Opal’s interventions increased her improvement from a potential 4% to 29% in her spine and 18% in her hip, thereby reversing her out of the osteoporosis diagnosis.

Case Study Details

User C

User is a 57 y.o. female who refused the pharmaceuticals and opted for Opal based Nutrition/exercise only. She achieved a whopping 41% improvement in her spine, a powerful reversal out of the osteoporosis diagnosis.

April 2021April 2022% Improvement
Total Spine-3.4-241
L Femoral Neck-3.1-2.519
L Hip-2.3-1.917
R Femoral Neck-2.8-2.67