Opal Bone for Natural Bone Density

Opal Bone allows you to understand and manage your bone health to achieve improvements for healthy longevity. Understand your own personal nutritional requirements for bone, genetics for bone density and nutritional protocols to create a healthy, growth environment for bones.

Track between DXA scans

Don’t wait 1-2 years to know if your nutrition and exercise is working. Track your body’s response between density scans for early information on the effects of your nutrition and exercise - so you don’t waste time.

Personalized Nutrition

Your nutrient needs and function in your body is going to be different than anyone else. Find out what you need in order to support your natural approach to bone health.

We provide you with a shopping list specifically for your body, with dosages and a re-testing schedule. If you want more, schedule a consult with a leading Natural Health Bone Specialist, or a nutritionist for personalized eating plans.

Complete Genetics

Understand your recovery with whole genome sequence-based genetics for bone density – Opal shows you how much of your bone loss is predisposed by your genes.

If you already have bone loss, this allows Opal to guide you on what to focus on in your recovery. If you do not have bone loss yet Opal shows you what type of risk you carry and what type of prevention program you will need, if any.

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